Siri Krishana Mathematics Academy                    


SKM ACADEMY  is an educational institute in mathematics  for NET/GATE/JAM/NBHM/TIFR/CMI/HRI/IISC/ISI and other M.SC entrances.we have ideal monitoring system which is an automated of our students through our innovative assessments cum evaluation mechanism.this helps us to identify the learning status and level of various students in the class. we provide the most live and interactive classes which are widely acclaimed as " THE BEST"  in its field.we have well trained faculty member who creates innovative learning environment by providing guidance and sharing his experience with students on how to apply MATHEMATICS in their real life. 

TEST DISCUSSION :   In our academy the test are conducted in weekly bases and after the tests, the discussion on  the tests is offered. the students enjoy these test discussion for their doubt clearance and concept building in problem solving techniques.

STUDY MATERIAL : keeping in our mind current and past exams ,we keeps update in our study material and try to develop new tricks.We provide previous year question papers and solution of NET/GATE/JAM/NBHM/IISC/TIFR. After each chapter we also provide assignment to make students concept clear.

FEEDBACK : There is a periodic circulation of feedback form to all the students. in this form,students can inform the management anonymously about their problems and issue along with the suggestions. the management takes this feedback determinedly and takes prompt action on the ongoing issues and give useful suggestions.